17 November 2014

The Lavish Office

An office is a space that is primarily functional, but that does not mean it shouldn't be aesthetically pleasing. Light and bright purples give a feminine touch with a calming aspect; in the office it is about being bold to create personality. To assist with the luxurious atmosphere, companion gold and other metallic’s that will add contrast and depth in darker shades. Select pieces of furniture that have ample storage to avoid clutter and finish with interesting display pieces to distract attention from unsightly office accessories.

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11 August 2014

The Bally Blonde

The Bally Blonde Canvas Print is clearly a rather simple yet elegant piece. Through severe contrast it stands out against warm and neutral colours with its almost harsh yet lax demeanour. It is a fantastic piece for contrast not only primarily with the colour wheel, but with character. This composition of wall art décor and the interior design along with the rocks displays an almost beach-like atmosphere, ideal for someone who wishes to live by the sea whilst maintaining a rather chic style within their home. However, this does not go without saying that any modern home looking for a slice of vintage would be greatly complimented by this piece.
7 August 2014

The perfect match

Monochrome never goes out of style and always looks stunning and effortless. It adds simplicity  to any home and serves as the basis for any interior style, making reinvention that much easier. Black and silver is a winning combination; black creates the perfect backdrop while silver adds that touch of elegance every home needs. Black and white can be a strong scheme to begin with, so substituting fresh white with touches of grey and silver balances for a smooth finish.  Mirrored pieces look great for this look and not only serve as a practical piece but also open up the space. who doesn’t want the illusion of a larger room!
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3 August 2014

Fill that wall

We love statement pieces and adding wall art to your home is the quickest and easiest way to transform an entire space in your home. It sets the mood of your home and is the perfect focal point. Expanses of white are screaming to be filled with wall pieces that tie everything in together. Go for pieces with soft, neutral colour palettes with small accents of colour if you  are looking for a subtle revamp to add some balance and style to your décor.
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29 July 2014

It's all about gold

Decorating your home with gold defines extravagance, luxury, power and status. If you’re looking to add touches of glamour to your home, add hints of gold to your interior. Gold can be overwhelming, so add small touches and balance it out with soft, neutral colours to add balance in your home. For a daring and eye-catching look, shades of blue and purple compliment each other and can create a head turning space.
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26 July 2014

Keep it fresh

White has always been crisp, fresh and timeless and is the best way to brighten up your home.  White is versatile and is a great starting point as it gives the illusion of a larger space and can be incorporated into any home décor style and colour scheme. With an all white scheme, it’s important to add in different textures; pair whites with grey and ice tones or go for a bold statement and incorporate dark accents to add depth and sophistication. In decorating your home, furnishings will play an even bigger role in all white rooms as everything stands out! Add striking and unique pieces and make them worth looking at.
20 June 2014

White on White

Decorating your home with white interiors is timeless, crisp and fresh and can brighten up any room. An all white scheme looks inviting, effortless and gives the illusion of a larger space and highlights everything around it. White is a very versatile colour and is a great starting point as it can suit any taste or style, from modern to traditional and anything in between. We’ve put together a few pointers to get you started on the white trend.

Picking the right white
White serves as a canvas for anything but white also has a lot of varying shades with different undertones. If you want a crisp modern look, bright whites give the space extra sharpness and adding furnishings with simple lines, smooth surface and metallic’s will tie this look together. Warm whites soften areas and add a sense of comfort and romance and work well with plenty of detail such as lace and marble.White can also be paired with pastels for a soft feminine feel or go for shiny fabrics to add glamour and elegance to a room. Shiny apricot, peach or creams are great combinations.

Add Texture
To avoid a bland all white colour scheme, adding different textures is vital. Add one colour to a white palette, a dark accent creates a clean and sophisticated look and creates depth. Warm whites work best with cool tones such as chalk grey and ice tones. Choosing textured furnishings and objects in different tones is also key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Paint wooden floorboards in a cold white or add a white wash to reveal glimpses of the timber tones and texture and create a beautiful rustic feel to your home.

Furnishings and decorative objects play a huge role, especially with an all white scheme as everything stands out, so make sure its worth looking at. Go for pieces that are striking and different to add impact and a wow factor to your living space. One of the great advantages of white is that you can constantly create new looks without updating the whole room. Accessorise with printed throw pillows and play with different surfaces to create an interested and detailed interior. Anytime you feel that the room needs a makeover, add bold accents or different patterns.